A Wisconsin Repossession Attorney Can Help You Avoid Repossession

If you’re in financial distress and are behind on your car, house, or other payments for assets that you need in order to survive, you may be concerned about repossession by creditors. The last thing you need is to go out to your driveway on the morning of a job interview, only to find that your car is gone because it’s been repossessed! That’s why it’s a wise choice to talk with a Wisconsin repossession attorney before things get out of hand. The Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have years of experience negotiating and working with creditors to help protect clients like you. Attorney Will Green can advise you of your legal rights concerning repossession and help you find ways to deal with this challenging situation.

Wisconsin Repossession Law

In some circumstances, filing certain types of bankruptcy can temporarily protect you from losing assets like your car or home. In the long run, you must either catch up on your payments or return the car or other asset to the creditor. In the state of Wisconsin, a creditor can come and take your car without a court order if you’re in default on payments. However, the creditor must notify you that you’re in default and give you a “right to cure,” or the opportunity to catch up on payments. The creditor must also give you a notice by certified mail of their intent to repossess your car and give you 15 days to ask for a hearing. The professional legal staff at the Will Green Law Office can help you deal with creditors and possibly renegotiate some of your loans, so you’ll have more time to pay them off.

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