How an Attorney Can Help You Stop Debt Collector Harassment

If you’re behind on loan or credit card payments, you’ve probably gotten nasty calls and letters from various creditors. You’re already worried about how you’ll pay back the debts, and these calls aren’t making things any easier. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a law that was passed in 1978 to protect those who are in debt from the harassing activities of creditors. However, while you can write the creditor requesting them to stop calling, it is still legal for a debt collection agency to continue trying to collect your payment. The best way to stop the calls is to hire a debt collection attorney who can discuss your best options for handling your debts with you. The legal professionals at the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin can give you the debt collection help you need.

What Is an Automatic Stay?

When you file for bankruptcy, your attorney can initiate an automatic stay. An automatic stay makes it illegal for a creditor to contact you at all, giving you time to reorganize your finances. However, an automatic stay will not halt your obligation to pay child support payments, taxes, or some other types of debt. A professional bankruptcy attorney like Attorney Will Green of Milwaukee, Wisconsin can put an automatic stay into action for you, buying you time to figure out how you’ll handle your debts and get your finances back in order. 

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