Hiring a Divorce Child Custody Attorney in Wisconsin

The issue of child custody is one of the most common sources of conflict between parents going through a divorce. Helping vulnerable children feel secure and remain hopeful about their future is something that both parents should be working for, and an experienced divorce and child custody attorney can ensure that this is truly the case. The legal professionals at the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have over 25 years of experience working with family law cases and understand what it takes to make a child custody case go smoothly and well.

Filing for Custody in Wisconsin

In the State of Wisconsin, divorcing parents are given joint custody unless it can be showed that there is a reason why this shouldn’t occur. This means that both parents have equal power to make decisions for the child(ren) and that both have visitation rights. Which parent the child will stay with is determined by the best interests of the child standard.

To file for custody, parents with minor children must file a divorce petition with minor children in their local family court. This petition must have a parenting plan attached to it. Attorney Will Green at the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee can help you file this petition and prepare a parenting plan that will help to defend your parental visitation and custody rights.

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