Learn More About a Grandparent’s Visitation Rights from a Wisconsin Family Law Attorney

The relationship between a child and his or her grandparents can influence the life of the child in many ways. Grandchildren are often precious to grandparents, and grandparents are often people that children look up to and rely upon for advice, comfort, and for a relationship that’s different from the one they have with their parents. Sometimes, however, conflicts between a child’s parents and grandparents can lead to a difficult situation in which the grandparents can’t see the children as often as they’d like, or even at all. The Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin understands how painful this can be. We have years of experience in family law and can give you the legal advice you need to handle this troublesome situation.

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights to See Their Grandchildren?

In the state of Wisconsin, the courts give parents free rein to raise their children as they see fit, and grandparents have almost no legal rights over them. However, if there is a legal action in progress such as a divorce, grandparents may petition the court for visitation rights if they had a prior relationship with the child. If there’s no legal action pending, the grandparents may not file this petition unless there’s a reason to believe the parents are unfit or abusive. The best way to ensure that a grandparent can visit grandchildren is to repair the relationship between the grandparent and the child’s parent. If this cannot be done and the children are in jeopardy, then it’s time to consult a family law attorney like Attorney Will Green of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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