How a Parental Rights Attorney in Wisconsin Helps Your Custody Case

In a divorce in which children are involved, the final divorce decree issued by the divorce court will specify with whom the children will live and state the visiting rules for the other parent. If the parents are contentious and unable to work out these visiting rules themselves, the court may make a decision based on the child(ren)’s best interest. The legal professionals at the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin understand how important children are to their parents and will help you find an equitable arrangement for child visitation after your divorce.

Parental Visitation Rights

There are a few different kinds of parental visitation rights. The phrase “reasonable visitation” generally means that a judge will allow the parents to determine visitation rights on their own. For this to work, the parents must be able to communicate well and cooperate with one another. This empowers them to work around one another’s schedules and to serve the child’s best interests. However, if the parents are unable or unwilling to cooperate with one another, the judge may order a pre-determined and fixed visitation schedule. If one of the parents has been abusive to the child, the judge may also order that visitation be supervised. In any case, legal counsel is essential. The Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin can give you the legal guidance you need in regards to parental visitation rights.

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