How a Paternity Lawyer in Wisconsin Can Help You Determine a Parenting Plan

There are many reasons why it is important for a child to know who their legal biological father is. A father’s medical history, for example, can affect the future health of the child and the care they receive. Establishing the paternity of a child’s father also ensures that the child will later have rights to the father’s pension, social security, veteran’s benefits, and/or inheritance should the father die. If you have concerns about paternity, consulting with the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a good idea. Attorney Will Green and his professional legal staff can help you legally establish or question the paternity of a child.

Establishing or Challenging Paternity

The question of paternity arises when a child’s parents are not and were never married. The formal recognition of a man as the legal father of a child born to unmarried parents is called adjudication, and without this, an alleged father has no parental rights to a child. To establish paternity, a father and mother must both sign a Voluntary Acknowledgment of the child whose paternity they are unsure about. DNA testing may be done to determine this. To challenge paternity, there must be proof of infidelity, proof of sterility, or suspicion of tainted DNA test results. The professional staff of the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin will use their legal experience to help you legally establish or challenge the paternity of the child.

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