How a Same-Sex Marriage Attorney in Wisconsin Helps Your Family Law Matter

In October of 2014, same-sex marriage became legally recognized in the State of Wisconsin, and since then, it has also become legally recognized in all states. However, social acceptance of same-sex marriage as well as the laws that govern divorce and same-sex parenthood in Wisconsin are still evolving and can be ambiguous. For this reason, it is crucial to have informed and experienced legal representation when issues arise concerning same-sex marriage or parenthood of same-sex marriage children. The Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers you this kind of representation.

Same-Sex Marriage in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin must legally honor the adoptions of all children by same-sex parents that occurred in other states. However, some legal aspects of parenthood in Wisconsin are different in same-sex marriages than they are in marriages between a man and woman. For example, having the names of both of the same-sex parents on the child’s birth certificate is not adequate to establish parental rights. A court order may be needed to ensure that you have these rights.

At this time, the laws regarding same-sex marriage are dynamic and evolving, so it is important to hire legal counsel to be certain that everything is in order. The legal professions at the Will Green Law Office of Milwaukee, Wisconsin have over 25 years of experienced in family law and are dedicated to defending your same-sex marriage and parenthood rights.

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