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A new requirement for all bankruptcy filers across the nation is to have both debt and credit counseling throughout the bankruptcy process. The terms of residency have also changed, making it important to discuss your debt relief options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney such as William Green.

Attorney Green knows of all of these law changes and can explain them effectively to his clients. He can also offer you a free debt evaluation to determine your eligibility quickly. With his extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law, attorney Green makes this seamlessly stressful process a lot easier for those needing his help in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Will I Lose All of My Belongings If I File for Bankruptcy in Wisconsin?

Not entirely. This is because these individuals chose a straight bankruptcy (Chapter 7) with a bankruptcy attorney such as William Green. With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, certain things are exempt from creditors.

Bankruptcy planning can be done by our Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney, William Green, to help you manage your assets before the bankruptcy filing process even begins. He is well-versed in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy laws and knows which individuals will benefit from either type.


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If you’re involved in a divorce, a custody case, a spousal-support case or assets division case let Will Green Law Office help you work towards the best results possible given the facts and the law regarding your situation. If you are considering a divorce in Milwaukee and have questions about how it will affect your children or your finances, give us a call for a free consultation.


Our Family Law Group is ready to handle family law matters of every kind, from non-litigated to the most sophisticated matters, Our experienced and compassionate attorneys have handled hundreds of cases involving complex family and divorce cases throughout Milwaukee. At Will Green Law Office our attorneys are there to assist you through this difficult process. Contact us for a free consultation.


When a couple decides to divorce, the courts split up both their assets and their debts. Dividing the debt is an essential factor of a couple’s net worth. If you are considering divorce and also know that your debt problem is out of control, it is in your best interest to choose an attorney experienced at handling both family law and bankruptcy. Attorney Will Green brings more than 25 years of experience to divorce debt cases.

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What Items Are Exempt from Creditors in Chapter 13 Bankruptcies?

What items are exempt varies from state to state. In Wisconsin, property valued up to $75,000 that you occupy can be exempt as well as vehicle equity up to $4,000. Other examples of exemptions include and are not limited to tax-exempt retirement accounts such as profit sharing and 401(k), IRAs/Roth IRAs, veteran’s benefits, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, and social service payments, to name a few. During a free debt evaluation, William Green can provide more detailed information if any of your assets qualify for exemptions.

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Professional bankruptcy attorney William Green has the experience and resources needed to easily execute a bankruptcy for his clients. He understands all of the bankruptcy laws in the state and has experience helping individuals like you with different financial situations. A free debt evaluation will allow him to determine whether you’re eligible for bankruptcy or not. To schedule this essential legal consultation with a bankruptcy attorney from the Will Green Law Office, call his Wisconsin law office at (414) 882-7666.

He serves individuals in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, West Allis, Greenfield, Brookfield, Glendale, and other surrounding Wisconsin communities.